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About us

Each of the Raceskin team has a passion for swimming, cycling, running or all three and for both innovation and customer satisfaction.

We train every week, we race each year – albeit some of us are a little slower these days – and we test our products continuously in training and racing around the world, in all conditions.

We are proud of our products; we don’t just think they are the best quality in the marketplace – we know they are, because we all continually test them when we train and race. The feedback we receive from our elite athletes is also important to us, and we continue to develop and refine items each year. The fact that we all use the same products that our customers do, means we know exactly how comfortable our custom bib shorts feel after an entire day in the saddle, or precisely how our tri kit performs in 35 degrees during an Ironman.

Raceskin customers are passionate about their sport and want to excel, and push their personal and team boundaries. By using our custom designed clothing you are equipped to improve your performance in training and perfect your execution in competition.

Every customer is individual. Each customer’s design is unique, and the delivery of quality is all that matters to us. We believe that each order is a promise that we must fulfill. We want you to be satisfied. We want you to speak positively about our company and our products. By choosing Raceskin custom clothing, your next performance will leave absolutely nothing to chance.

Not only do you pay for a product, but you also buy a promise and a service. Technical clothing requires professional advice beforehand, custom design, and careful communication. And yes, sometimes things can go wrong despite the best intentions. In that respect you may count on us: we have the best people in the field, who are always accessible and available. This is our guarantee.