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Sweaty feet, in addition to being generally uncomfortable, are more blister-prone which is why all Raceskin cycle socks are made out of polyester, which wicks moisture and dries quickly. perfect for those long days in the saddle.

Raceskin cycling socks are made from Polyester using the latest fabric technology, providing cyclists with supreme comfort over extended periods.

Polyester has a number of benefits over natural fibres like cotton which tends to absorb moisture and expand, leading to rubbing, blistering and hot spots.

Polyester fibres can be woven much closer together, which allows the sock to better conform to the shape of the foot. The high thread count minimises road grime from working its way into the fibres and also means colours don't fade prematurely over the life of the sock.

Mesh ventilation panels, along the tops of our cycling socks, boost breathability and comfort. Flat-seam toes help to prevent chafing and compression bands (around the arches), provide a more supportive fit.

If the comfort and performance benefits weren’t enough, they’re a great way to add a touch of style to any rider's cycling kit.

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