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Fuelled By Faith Buff


Take up your cross. The #FuelledbyFaith buffs are a simple yet beautiful statement of intent. A piece of armour that you can put on as you head out on your run, cycle or walk; to keep you warm in the winter or cool in the summer. More than your latest piece of stash they are an expression of your desire to do all things for God's glory as well as a great conversation starter.

The #FuelledbyFaith buffs are great for placing under the collar of your jersey or running top to keep your neck warm in the winter season or folded and placed around your ears to stop the chill during your off-season training. They can also be used to wick sweat away in the summer, as a headband, so you'll be sure to get plenty of use from this essential piece of kit.

What is #FuelledbyFaith?
#FuelledbyFaith is an expression of intent to represent the Christian faith by professional triathletes Abi and Jamie Bedwell in partnership with custom clothing company Raceskin. Together we are passionate about creating the highest level of sports clothing that allows athletes to be themselves.

One size fits all - It's that simple!

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